New additions.

Fountain pen

Image by Svenneman via Flickr

I have a new addition…. it is about 4 lbs,3  months old, multiple toes and purrs.  His name is Gus.

He hasn’t won over the other animals (well maybe the Dog) yet, but he is starting to with my white older cat, Bubba.  Bubba a pure white cat who can hear, when we thought he was deaf when I adopted him as he didn’t respond to any noise.  When I adopted Bubba, he was about 7 yrs old.  He is now about 10 and chubby and usually the happiest cat in the world.  Except that we adopted Gus last night and Bubba actually wasn’t happy for once.  Our other cat Turd, who is a Siamese flame point, is still ticked off at the world and is even snarling.  Gus needs to watch himself with her for a few days.

1st night… items broken: 1 glass bottle with indigo ink.  1 venetian hand-made glass fountain pen (my favorite).  Gus 2.. Mom 0.  I will be packing up my heirloom and collectables today and storing them for a while. Eventually I will have some pictures of the 4 beast (can’t forget our crazy lab Gunner.)

Next time I write….. it will be about Alaska, I promise.


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  1. Life in Alaska can be challenging, even when it’s not about a) the weather, b) the supply line, or c) the people. This time, it’s about the critters.

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