Remember old Sewing machines?

Singer sewing machine - 31K32

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Well in Alaska, they are all around.  If you didn’t have an old singer or a white house sewing machine with the trellis, you were considered poor even then.  I remember my mother owned one and brought it up with us when the military moved us up here.  I also remember her selling it… even though I was disappointed she had.

I have a friend who is a picker, who is looking for a good working one now.  I asked for a singer, but he will probably ind me an old white house version.  In and around Alaska, people are hoarding them just for decoration.  I am looking for one to actually use for quilting, as it will be lore like hand sewing than the electric sewing.

A long time ago (which really wasn’t that long ago) when the colonists came up and settled in Palmer, it was known that the women who had sewing machine were in business.  They would mend the clothing of the women, but not the men.  The men’s clothing was more a rugged Levis type canvas was too thick to mend.  But women’s clothing, made of cotton was fine.  The payment was usually a different preserve of jam, meat, chicken, fish or something that was edible.  Bartering was huge in those days, and a fair deal was what the person needed, not what the person could acquire.

It is too bad we don’t use bartering more in this day and age.  It would make more people, more forthright and honest as well as understand the value of hard work.



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2 responses to “Remember old Sewing machines?

  1. Thanks for stopping by my place! Thanks for your sweet comments about my quilts (and stitcheries too, I assume).

    I love those coffee crisps. We both need to stock up on those yummy things. Mine kinda melted in a big lump but trust me, I didn’t let THAT stop me, LOL.

    Some day I will have a treadle at my house but not entirely sure where I can put it. Right now it is up in the attic of my parent’s garage in three pieces—-and all I said, was when you are ready to give this up, Mom, I would like to have it.

    What a gorgeous header on your blog!

  2. Thanks Linda. I have just gotten into quilting and thought about buying an old sewing machine to quilt. Any advice on quilting with scrappings is appreciated.

    The header is the Alaskan Range, but not Mt. McKinely. I will try to head back up north for a Pic of that wonderful mountain.

    As for Coffee Crisps… I could eat them forever. I also like Areo Bars. Did you know that Hersey’s USA is making a version of the Canadian Areo bar and it tastes almost like the canadian version. I heard they are going to do a American versian of Coffee crisps… OMG! I hope they do!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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