New hobbies while mixing them with current one.

Broccoli flowers.

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Oh man, my garden it looking rough. 

If you know me you know I am a hardy gardener and will try to grow anything in this Alaskan clay soil I can.  Well I have 8 corn stalks, but no corn.  That is still awesome that I am growing it but I was really hoping for an ear…just a little one.  As for my Tom’s (St. Lewis, Glacier, Lemon boy, Purple Cherokee and Orange Jublie) well 50% are doing well and the tomatoes are turning a beautiful red as we speak.  If only I could keep my husband out of the damn hot-house and not eat them!  I also had a great year for broccoli and cauliflower.  But they were bolting fast this year and I didn’t get to them all in time.  That is okay, broccoli smells nice when it flowers.  I am still waiting on my beans to mature… tiger beans and they are getting HUGE! But I will be throwing my squash away.  They just didn’t do well this year.  Too much sun and then too much rain, makes the whole plant go bad.  But the strawberries that we transplanted from our house that we sold to the new one we bought, have grown huge. I actually got over a quart out of my patch and I will have to thin them out next year.  I am completely impressed with them.  Did I mention all of my hot peppers are doing wonderfully!  I will be trying to overwinter the jalopeno, just to see if I can. 

But I have taken up the quilting bug.  I would call myself more a scrappy kind of person.  The scrap is more dear to me as it represents hard-working people, who used scraps to keep themselves warm.  And first thing first, I am making a couple quilts for our house.  Only problem is that the classes I had paid for are falling through.  So I am stuck in a rut and do not know how to do some of the basics and no one I know, quilts or sew other than my mom.  But my mom works nights, so that is a bust.  *sighs*

I will be breaking up my hobbies… I have so darn many of them.  Summer is strictly outside stuff, even though college classes got in the way this summer.  And this winter will be over 15 credits, but I think I will put Saturday as a hobbie day for peace of mind. 


Any advice would be appreciated.  Even the pattern I was looking at is gone (should have printed it)….. maybe one day I will get this down.



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3 responses to “New hobbies while mixing them with current one.

  1. I was a book that said quilting for begainners… I bet you could get it on line…

  2. Gams, Ihave a couple actually. But you know how you simetims have to watch someone doing whatever it is, to understand. I am needing to do that. So youtubing it tomorrow it looks like. And making my pattern for the quilt.

  3. No, I am not laughing about the binding thing. It took me some time to learn how to do those miters too. I can help you but I will need your email address. Blogger is set to “no reply”

    OR did you mean for me to do a tutorial or something??? I assume you know how to cut the strips and join them and it is the corners that are throwing you. Let me now and I will see what I can do to help you over the hurdle.

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