I have little ears!

Award-winning stalks of corn or maize (Zea may...

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Oh yes, as I was checking on my tomatoes and tiger beans, I saw something at the bottom on my stalks of corn that captured my eye.  It was oddly colored purple, with a tad bit of fringe.  OH! OH! OH!  I have Ears!!!  I checked all my stalks and at the moment I have 3.  I was so excited, I ran in to tell my husband, who thinks I am a dork and funny because I have 3 ears of corn.  When he came out to inspect them, he was pretty impressed. 

I am not the perfect gardener.  But when I grow something that many others here have tried and failed at, but always try to make me feel inferior to them, I always say I grew it and leave it at that.  People who try to constantly needle at me usually are jealous or want something from me.  I have yet to figure out why they act this way.

Such as Sarah Palin.  Just because I know something other do not know, and I not talk about it, doesn’t make me evil or someone who is holding a grudge or trying to go after her.  It is information I just don’t feel needs to be talked about.  Most people don’t seem to understand that.  Oh well.

At least I have my corn… 🙂



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