The never ending man cave….

There are 2 things missing in this photo

Image by BoneDaddy.P7 via Flickr

One day it may be done, but that seems like it will be years.  This coming week, it is going to be a hectic one.  We have some guys coming out to frame the garage (this is just the frame), we have a big delivery of trusses(roof), and we are getting in out heater and hot water heater as well as the natural gas plumed to the garage and they also have to make it a larger line for gas flow.  This is all happening Monday 6 am sharp.  We still have no poured concrete for the floor of the garage…. that should be the week after, I hope.

I am also tired as heck.  I can’t seem to shake this fatigue. And it is annoying me to no end.  Especially since I can’t get a good nights rest either.  Ugh.  The next time I wake up, without the kitten attacking me in the middle of the night, I am just going to go sew and make a pot of coffee.  Maybe I can get some serious sewing done and get my quilt done in a few days…. minus the bind. 

In other news it has been seriously rainy and depressing.  But the thunder yesterday morning was interesting.


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