What my quilt would look like.

Here is the start of my first ever quilt.  Not to bad, bright to dark.  And if you look close enough, it has kitties in it.  Oh yes…. I am in kitty heaven at the moment.  This is small, but I may make it larger… not to sure yet.  But I thought I would show everyone. 🙂



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4 responses to “What my quilt would look like.

  1. My maternal grandmother was a quilter, and that looks like one of the patterns she used a lot. That’s my long way of saying “I like it!”

  2. Hubby likes it too. I like the way my hardwood floors look LOL!

  3. well done! Are you strip piecing this in anyway or just cutting squares and sewing them together individually? My quilt group is rather fond of the strip pieced Snuggle Up especially for pro bono quilts. You can use as few as two colors and as many as you wish to make it long enough. Once you get the hang of the looping idea it is a snap to do this or a bargello quilt. http://www.quiltmaker.com/patterns/details.html?idx=181

  4. Welcome to quilting! That quilt is looking rather good for a first quilt. Can’t wait to see you keep on.

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