I got my new old antique Sewing Machine!

This is exactly the same as the one I purchased.**

Oh she may need some work, such as the laminate is coming off the top and the belt need to be put back on, but I got it.  I bought a 1922 Singer model 66 Sewing treadle Red Eye addition, probably made in Germany due to the decoration on the sewing machine itself.  It even has walking arms for fabric…. which I am not sure if other sewing machines (treadle or not) have them at this age.

Mine also came with the original owners manual and a warranty slip with serial numbers, the original hardware to make hems of many different sizes and it has the original needles.  Nice touch!  The lady didn’t give me much on the history of it.  I think she bought it as a way to make her house look nice and never got around to restoring it.  Either way I will be looking into the cost of putting new laminate on at least and looking for the parts on Ebay.  **If you live in the south, please keep an eye on a “Box Attachment” **

It is too bad my Dad sold my Mom’s old antique White sewing machine.  It was beautiful and ornate.  It had some of the items to fix as well and to sew with, and the owner’s manual.  My Dad was being a jerk when he sold it.

 But this is something I will be playing with to quilt!  Wish me luck!


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