Long day but with good news.

palmer farm

Image by Cool breeze pics via Flickr

Today was the second day of a long process of putting in a new heater and water heater and HRV (heat recovery ventilator)…. but we had to have them move water and gas pipes though since we had the new water heater (aka on demand) put into the garage.  This is going to cost a bunch, but it was needed as the other heater/water heater was an apollo which went out of business in 1997.  There was no way we wouldn’t have been able to find parts if the thing ever went out.  So I think we are finally done.

But I decided to run away for a bit and came upon a quilt shop in Palmer called “Just Sew”.  It does not have a website nor anything on the web.  It is also the sister company to the Quilt Tree, but the Quilt Tree is more just fabric and yarn shop and a Yarn learn to Knit store.  I was happy to run into this shop as they do beginner courses!  And they are actually very reasonably priced.  I asked the manager, who was very friendly, why did they not try Google Blogger or some free website to get the word out about the shop?  She said that she didn’t have the time.  Hmmm, I commented that some people would enjoy some savings in fabric for trading internet “skillz” and helping out a business…… I think the manager liked my idea.  So we will see.  Easy job for me and I may get a discount for fabric for a few months.  We will see. 

If you ever get to Palmer, Alaska.  It is a beautiful and tiny little town.  People usually remark on the pictures of the old farms around the Matsu area, especially the Red Barn.  The Red Barn is actually in Wasilla on Fairveiw loop but it is still a stunning old farm.  Palmer Colony and Wasilla have some interesting historical information and if you ever wonder, just google about it.  The pictures of the 30’s and 40’s are just unbelievable.

It have been a long day and tomorrow looks about the same.  I think my husband is trying to kill me with HIS man cave.  I just hope it ends soon.


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  1. Nice to hear that you got away from the construction & had some fun. I know you can help the store with an intarw3bz presence … good luck.

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