Beena while…

A Singer treadle sewing machine

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I hate when stuff changes. 

I have been sick with some weird head cold that is going into my chest and really busy with school.  I should be typing up a 7 page report on Edith Kermit Roosevelt, taking an online test and doing more math … but I don’t feel like it.

I did get my new feather weight Singer in and it works!  I have it at the sewing machine repair shop for a tune up and a check to make sure it is working properly. I have classes for sewing and quilting coming up soon.

And I am not impressed with the new updates on word press.  Maybe I am just getting old.. oh well.

On a different note my new little Gus kitten is now around 4 months old as his teeth are FINALLY coming out.  I thought he was younger than the vet thought he was.  The vet (in the middle of Aug) thought he was 4 months then.  But kittens start losing their teeth at 4 months and he is finally losing them.  I got a tooth last night…. as he was chewing on my husbands finger (teething?) and POP out it came.  Never a dull moment.

As of right now school is going well.  I haven’t totally bombed a test yet.. though I thought I had.  I am just waiting for this cold to finally go away.  Tests are coming up Tuesday!

Wish me luck and I hope you are all doing well!


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