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The adopted ones.

 Bubba and Gus.

Someone recently asked me about my animals and where I adopted them from.  To be quite honest, I have adopted most of my cats and dogs from the pound of the last 13 yrs or so. 

Bubba was one I had adopted to help my older kitty Pooge, not be so lonely (who I adopted at a no kill shelter in Seattle).  I thought being that he was older (seven) would help with Pooge but I didn’t realize how sick he was when I adopted him.  When I brought him home, I had to take him right to the Vet and admit him for a couple of days.  Bubba had pneumonia so bad that they didn’t know if he was going to live.  They also thought he was deaf, as he never moved when there were loud noises or any noise for that matter, as he was a large white cat with blue eyes.  He did get better, 1000 dollars later, and come to find out he hears just fine.  But he gave the cold to Pooge and that was another 200 dollars and meds.  Pooge eventually had to be put to sleep a few months later.  She had kidney disease and they were failing.  I held her as they gave her the shot to make her go to sleep…. and cried.  My Husband, who at the time we were dating, came to my house to hold me.  2 weeks earlier we took his dog in to the Vet, and his dog passed away due to a tumor in its brain causing it to have seizures.  We both cried.  December was not a good month.

Eventually I wanted to get a buddy for Bubba.  Bubba is a very social male cat. Loved dogs as well.  Which was kind of odd for a large cat.  So, I asked my Husband (still dating) to come to the pound to help me pick a new friend.  Well, he picked her, not having a clue as to why she was so friendly.  I adopted her and took her home…. a 1 yrs old, flame point Siamese in heat.  God Help us all!  Well, Bubba fell in love with her, but she was not impressed.  Bubba did try to mate with her, but that was disastrous as well.  I couldn’t get her fixed, as she came down with the same crud that Bubba had when we adopted him.  So the Turdy, as what we call her,  had to wait a month to get over her bug and I had to deal with her being in heat and Bubba looking for love in all the wrong places….. I thought I was going insane.

Well, over a year had passed since my Husbands dog had passed on.  I told him we should get a dog together.  Hubby (we were still dating) was not to keen on it as he gets very attached.  Well I let it go until one day I got a call asking if I still wanted to get a dog.  I said sure, but where?  Well Hubby had found an ad on a board about a Lab named Guner who was about 5 yrs old.  I said sure, as long as he is good with cats.  Well the lady who owned him had already gave him away.  Oh well.  But 2 weeks later, some how my Hubby found out that Guner was in the Valley Pound due to being a run away, and the lady who originally owned him was still considered the rightful owner.  Well I got to the pound and adopted him and called the lady letting her know I had Guner, and asked the important question…. how is he around cats?  The reply…. terrified.  And that Guner is.  Since we have had him, we have found he is very neurotic and spiteful if he is not with “Mom and Dad” and will eat and puke up socks in the middle of the night.  I need a sock fund.

Now we have Gus.  I had a dream about kittens and told my husband (now married) about it.  He looked at me and said that the cat had to have extra toes.  Hmm.  Well, that day on the way of doing errands I stopped by the Valley pound and saw they had a lot of kittens.  I wandered around looking at all the cats and kittens and one I kept coming back too.  Gus was cute and fun-loving even in the cage.  But I was gravitating to another couple cats.  Both female… one who had her ear tips frozen off and the other had kittens and still nursing when separated.  I decided on Gus for the simple fact that I wasn’t sure how Turdy would react to a kitten and a full-grown cat.  Kittens are easier to incorporate into a family with older cats.  Well picking Gus was a good call.  Bubba gets along with him and plays as well as sleeps together.  Turdy is now starting to play with him, even if she does hiss and growl at him ones in a while.  And even Guner likes to sniff the kitten, who now rubs on Guner’s legs.  And to think, we just adopted him this last monday.

Now you know…. and FYI most people do not keep their cats out in Alaska.  It is quite often that you will see a cat in a pound or a rescue with their ear tips frozen off.  It is sad and it makes me angry, but you can’t do much about it at the moment.  And if you are wondering, all my cats are inside animals.  My Dog is mainly an inside dog as well… he likes to stay close to us at all times.



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The never ending man cave….

There are 2 things missing in this photo

Image by BoneDaddy.P7 via Flickr

One day it may be done, but that seems like it will be years.  This coming week, it is going to be a hectic one.  We have some guys coming out to frame the garage (this is just the frame), we have a big delivery of trusses(roof), and we are getting in out heater and hot water heater as well as the natural gas plumed to the garage and they also have to make it a larger line for gas flow.  This is all happening Monday 6 am sharp.  We still have no poured concrete for the floor of the garage…. that should be the week after, I hope.

I am also tired as heck.  I can’t seem to shake this fatigue. And it is annoying me to no end.  Especially since I can’t get a good nights rest either.  Ugh.  The next time I wake up, without the kitten attacking me in the middle of the night, I am just going to go sew and make a pot of coffee.  Maybe I can get some serious sewing done and get my quilt done in a few days…. minus the bind. 

In other news it has been seriously rainy and depressing.  But the thunder yesterday morning was interesting.

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