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Beena while…

A Singer treadle sewing machine

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I hate when stuff changes. 

I have been sick with some weird head cold that is going into my chest and really busy with school.  I should be typing up a 7 page report on Edith Kermit Roosevelt, taking an online test and doing more math … but I don’t feel like it.

I did get my new feather weight Singer in and it works!  I have it at the sewing machine repair shop for a tune up and a check to make sure it is working properly. I have classes for sewing and quilting coming up soon.

And I am not impressed with the new updates on word press.  Maybe I am just getting old.. oh well.

On a different note my new little Gus kitten is now around 4 months old as his teeth are FINALLY coming out.  I thought he was younger than the vet thought he was.  The vet (in the middle of Aug) thought he was 4 months then.  But kittens start losing their teeth at 4 months and he is finally losing them.  I got a tooth last night…. as he was chewing on my husbands finger (teething?) and POP out it came.  Never a dull moment.

As of right now school is going well.  I haven’t totally bombed a test yet.. though I thought I had.  I am just waiting for this cold to finally go away.  Tests are coming up Tuesday!

Wish me luck and I hope you are all doing well!


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I need your help!

I have been looking all over the internet on quilts, bloggers, how too and sew on.  I really want to do this, but I can’t afford all the scraps for my project that will take me a couple of years.  Would you like to know what I would like to do for my project?

This is a Picture of Mt Denali or what many call Mt McKinley before the name change.  This is the highest mountain peak in North America.  I would like to make a quilt with scraps in these colors and have an auction and give the money to a good cause. 

All I ask for are for your scraps.  It doesn’t matter where they came from, who made them, what style they are.  I am not a fabric snob and I don’t put my nose up to anyone willing to help.  All I ask for is your help.  Would you post my blog onto your blog and ask people for help?  To send their scraps to me, here in Alaska, to help with a quilt for a deserving person and money for a deserving organization?  You can send all the scraps you want…I don’t care about the color either.  Anything would help.  I will even post a poll on where you would like to send the money too. 

How about it?  Would you be willing to help?


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What my quilt would look like.

Here is the start of my first ever quilt.  Not to bad, bright to dark.  And if you look close enough, it has kitties in it.  Oh yes…. I am in kitty heaven at the moment.  This is small, but I may make it larger… not to sure yet.  But I thought I would show everyone. 🙂


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