I have little ears!

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Oh yes, as I was checking on my tomatoes and tiger beans, I saw something at the bottom on my stalks of corn that captured my eye.  It was oddly colored purple, with a tad bit of fringe.  OH! OH! OH!  I have Ears!!!  I checked all my stalks and at the moment I have 3.  I was so excited, I ran in to tell my husband, who thinks I am a dork and funny because I have 3 ears of corn.  When he came out to inspect them, he was pretty impressed. 

I am not the perfect gardener.  But when I grow something that many others here have tried and failed at, but always try to make me feel inferior to them, I always say I grew it and leave it at that.  People who try to constantly needle at me usually are jealous or want something from me.  I have yet to figure out why they act this way.

Such as Sarah Palin.  Just because I know something other do not know, and I not talk about it, doesn’t make me evil or someone who is holding a grudge or trying to go after her.  It is information I just don’t feel needs to be talked about.  Most people don’t seem to understand that.  Oh well.

At least I have my corn… 🙂



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The never ending man cave….

There are 2 things missing in this photo

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One day it may be done, but that seems like it will be years.  This coming week, it is going to be a hectic one.  We have some guys coming out to frame the garage (this is just the frame), we have a big delivery of trusses(roof), and we are getting in out heater and hot water heater as well as the natural gas plumed to the garage and they also have to make it a larger line for gas flow.  This is all happening Monday 6 am sharp.  We still have no poured concrete for the floor of the garage…. that should be the week after, I hope.

I am also tired as heck.  I can’t seem to shake this fatigue. And it is annoying me to no end.  Especially since I can’t get a good nights rest either.  Ugh.  The next time I wake up, without the kitten attacking me in the middle of the night, I am just going to go sew and make a pot of coffee.  Maybe I can get some serious sewing done and get my quilt done in a few days…. minus the bind. 

In other news it has been seriously rainy and depressing.  But the thunder yesterday morning was interesting.

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New hobbies while mixing them with current one.

Broccoli flowers.

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Oh man, my garden it looking rough. 

If you know me you know I am a hardy gardener and will try to grow anything in this Alaskan clay soil I can.  Well I have 8 corn stalks, but no corn.  That is still awesome that I am growing it but I was really hoping for an ear…just a little one.  As for my Tom’s (St. Lewis, Glacier, Lemon boy, Purple Cherokee and Orange Jublie) well 50% are doing well and the tomatoes are turning a beautiful red as we speak.  If only I could keep my husband out of the damn hot-house and not eat them!  I also had a great year for broccoli and cauliflower.  But they were bolting fast this year and I didn’t get to them all in time.  That is okay, broccoli smells nice when it flowers.  I am still waiting on my beans to mature… tiger beans and they are getting HUGE! But I will be throwing my squash away.  They just didn’t do well this year.  Too much sun and then too much rain, makes the whole plant go bad.  But the strawberries that we transplanted from our house that we sold to the new one we bought, have grown huge. I actually got over a quart out of my patch and I will have to thin them out next year.  I am completely impressed with them.  Did I mention all of my hot peppers are doing wonderfully!  I will be trying to overwinter the jalopeno, just to see if I can. 

But I have taken up the quilting bug.  I would call myself more a scrappy kind of person.  The scrap is more dear to me as it represents hard-working people, who used scraps to keep themselves warm.  And first thing first, I am making a couple quilts for our house.  Only problem is that the classes I had paid for are falling through.  So I am stuck in a rut and do not know how to do some of the basics and no one I know, quilts or sew other than my mom.  But my mom works nights, so that is a bust.  *sighs*

I will be breaking up my hobbies… I have so darn many of them.  Summer is strictly outside stuff, even though college classes got in the way this summer.  And this winter will be over 15 credits, but I think I will put Saturday as a hobbie day for peace of mind. 


Any advice would be appreciated.  Even the pattern I was looking at is gone (should have printed it)….. maybe one day I will get this down.


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Remember old Sewing machines?

Singer sewing machine - 31K32

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Well in Alaska, they are all around.  If you didn’t have an old singer or a white house sewing machine with the trellis, you were considered poor even then.  I remember my mother owned one and brought it up with us when the military moved us up here.  I also remember her selling it… even though I was disappointed she had.

I have a friend who is a picker, who is looking for a good working one now.  I asked for a singer, but he will probably ind me an old white house version.  In and around Alaska, people are hoarding them just for decoration.  I am looking for one to actually use for quilting, as it will be lore like hand sewing than the electric sewing.

A long time ago (which really wasn’t that long ago) when the colonists came up and settled in Palmer, it was known that the women who had sewing machine were in business.  They would mend the clothing of the women, but not the men.  The men’s clothing was more a rugged Levis type canvas was too thick to mend.  But women’s clothing, made of cotton was fine.  The payment was usually a different preserve of jam, meat, chicken, fish or something that was edible.  Bartering was huge in those days, and a fair deal was what the person needed, not what the person could acquire.

It is too bad we don’t use bartering more in this day and age.  It would make more people, more forthright and honest as well as understand the value of hard work.


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New additions.

Fountain pen

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I have a new addition…. it is about 4 lbs,3  months old, multiple toes and purrs.  His name is Gus.

He hasn’t won over the other animals (well maybe the Dog) yet, but he is starting to with my white older cat, Bubba.  Bubba a pure white cat who can hear, when we thought he was deaf when I adopted him as he didn’t respond to any noise.  When I adopted Bubba, he was about 7 yrs old.  He is now about 10 and chubby and usually the happiest cat in the world.  Except that we adopted Gus last night and Bubba actually wasn’t happy for once.  Our other cat Turd, who is a Siamese flame point, is still ticked off at the world and is even snarling.  Gus needs to watch himself with her for a few days.

1st night… items broken: 1 glass bottle with indigo ink.  1 venetian hand-made glass fountain pen (my favorite).  Gus 2.. Mom 0.  I will be packing up my heirloom and collectables today and storing them for a while. Eventually I will have some pictures of the 4 beast (can’t forget our crazy lab Gunner.)

Next time I write….. it will be about Alaska, I promise.

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Slowly yet …….

You know it is a pain to start something up again, when it has been ages since you enjoyed blogging about something YOU enjoyed. That is what I am doing again and bring back my semi-popular blog that many people seemed to have enjoyed.

I hope you will enjoy my misadventures, hobbies of late, whines about life, some political BS to debate about and just life as general. And FYI, if you see some grammer issues or just plan opps…. no one is perfect, so don’t complain to me.

Enjoy the show!


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